Not sure whether staying the night is on the cards? 

We might help you with awkward sex-related situations and questions. 

How does one deal with embarrassing situations when they happen? Like noisy neighbours for example? 

If you heard two people shouting and screaming at each other and heard things crashing loudly, then surely, you'd speak up.

But when it comes to sex, how do we handle the situation? 

There are many complexities when it comes to sexual etiquette. 

Here are a few questions we're still a bit unsure about - along with possible answers: 

Q: Is it fine to have a guy go down on you but you don't reciprocate? 

A: Surely, it should be tit for tat? Or do you take turns? 

Q: Are you obliged to cuddle if it's a one-night stand? 

A: Oh, no. Cuddling is about connection, one-night stands are about lust.

Q: Period sex? When exactly do you tell someone you're on your period? 

A: Probably once it becomes clear that sex is about to happen. 

Q: Should you ever tell a partner that what they're doing is wrong? 

A: Sure, but this can be a sensitive matter. Don't say "wrong", rather guide your partner to another, more pleasurable area, and then communicate your approval. 

Q: Making eye contact during sex (especially on a one-night stand), is it necessary? 

A: Absolutely not. This is a very much a relationship thing which might just freak someone out in a one-time deal. 

Q: Is it safe to assume you're spending the night when it's a one-night stand? 

A: Yes, unless the one you've been with starts backtracking after climax. Then it's time to go. 

Q: If you have a pet, do you allow them in the room while you're having sex? 

A: We'd say no. Pets and sex shouldn't be intertwined in any context, no matter how innocent.