Serial mistress, Gweneth Lee has shared how you can get yourself a millionaire and having sex on the 1st date was not an option. 

Gweneth's controversial advice includes being prepared to have an affair, as well as snooping on your man.

The 47 year old who gets rich men on, a dating site for married people, shared her six tips for bagging a millionaire.

Here are Gweneth Lee's six tips
  1. Get a professional to shoot your profile picture
  2. DON’T have sex on the first day
  3. Get a back story
  4. Do your research
  5. Be prepared to date married men
  6. Go looking in the right places

Gwen's first tip is to get professional photos done, saying while it costs “hundreds” it will be an investment.

Her next piece of advice is no sex on the first date, saying you need to leave men “wanting more”.

She also advised women to ‘get a back story’, making themselves interesting by chatting about their career and academic achievements.

She also advice that you do a background check on the guy you will be going out on a date with. 

"There are quick checks you can make to see if a man really does have money.

"Anyone who is seriously rich will have a digital footprint if they are not a criminal.

“You should be able to find where he lives and his job from basic searches on Google.”

Gweneth also ads that you must be willing to also date married men.

"Most men who are loaded are over 40 and in a relationship.

"The smart ones have an arrangement with their wives which allows them to date other women.

"Target men such as these because they don’t have to hide their expenditure from their wives." she told TheSun