FASHION trends come and go.

But the latest style for men has Mzansi women excited.

It’s transparent shorts that leave nothing to the imagination and women love them.

They said the shorts showed you exactly what you’d be getting.

According to a social media user, the shorts were said to land in Mzansi around the week before Valentine’s Day.

SunReaders took to social media to share how they felt about the shorts.

  • Jessica Mogopudi said: “I like this trend. I’m tired of dating men only to be disappointed in bed. I want to see what I’m getting myself into before I decide to get under the blankets with him.”
  • Thandinkosi Khoza said: “That’s not see through, it’s just plastic and looks useless and ridiculous. I’d rather have my man walk with underwear than wearing plastic.”
  • Petunia Kentshitswe said: “A lot of women wear see-through bras and leggings during evening shopping with their boyfriends. Why would I not allow him to show other girls that there’s a lot of hard-core meat where I am?”
  • Refus Mavuta Va Xitwini said: “I would never wear that. If my woman gets it for me, I would just laugh at her and tell her nicely that I appreciate her effort but that’s not my thing, thank you.”