Relationships can be so beautiful but they also can be quite complicated.

So what are some of the deal breakers that shouldn’t be ignored.

We asked Sun Readers to share with us what are some of the red flags to look for in a relationship.

Here’s what some had to say:

Lykos: When she talks on her cell phone during sex as if nothing is happening.

Mluleki: The moment she starts saying NO when I'm trying to make love on her, her sudden lack of interest in sex. Shouting at me and start comparing me to some else.

Sandile: 1. Calling five times a day. 2. Demanding access to your phone.3. Rocking up nje ngepatrek in my crib without informing. 4. Missing her call infuriates her. 5. Wants you to dump your friends. 6. Gives you ultimatums njalo nje

Joy: When he borrows money from you to entertain the girl he's sleeping with

BL: When he or her demand sex everyday

Zaba: when she have low IQ

Vusumuzi: When she start asking for R3500 for a weave

Tebelelo: When she starts asking for money, runaway my guy, that relationship is toxic

Lawrence: When Bae does not want me to touch her phone

Xola: When she start shouting for nothing

Ishmael: Arguing in every conversation you have with your partner