SOME places in the human body are more sensitive than others. 

And, according to The Times of India, there are certain places in a woman’s body that one should not touch during sex. 

According to the magazine, these are some of those body parts one shouldn’t tamper with during lovemaking:

1. Head of clitoris

We know the clitoris is a super-sensitive zone and has a lot of nerve endings, but stimulating the head of clitoris vigorously can actually turn out to be an intense and painful experience for her.

2. Feet

According to a Johns Hopkins University study, wearing socks in bed increases the chances of having an orgasm. This applies to men as well. Women need to be completely relaxed to climax, and cold feet can be an uncomfortable distraction.


3. Nipples

If she’s breastfeeding or about to menstruate, avoid pinching the nipples. It really hurts!

4. Hair

No woman likes her hair to be pulled, messed up or entangled during sex, especially when she’s spent hours at the salon. 

5. Anus 

If you’re are thinking of being fully behind her during sex, then make sure you are all lubed-up and she is in the peak of excitement. This is one of the most sensitive and self-conscious parts of her body.