US PIERCING expert Ben Tauber says he’s seen an increase in clients asking for special ear piercings after acupuncturists advised these would relieve certain pains and aches.

Acupuncture involves inserting very thin needles through a person’s skin at points on the body. Research shows it can relieve pain, and it’s used for a wide range of complaints.

Tauber told Daily Mail depending on the request, he pinpointed pressure points, and many of his clients were sure it works. “I have a lot of clients I have pierced to help alleviate some of their ailments. For many it worked, but for others, it hasn’t helped, however they still have a very cute piercing.”

 The daith piercing is believed to help with migraines

He said acupuncture has been around for thousands of years. “Something, in my eyes, wouldn’t be utilised or believed for this long if it didn’t truly have its merits.”

British acupuncturist Daniel Elliot from The London Acupuncture Clinic said clients were getting ear piercings after seeing the benefits of acupuncture and were hoping for a more permanent solution to their ailments.

“As acupuncturists, we are constantly changing the treatment and therefore can adapt to a patient’s needs at that time, but there’s definitely a place for more fixed treatment. The daith piercing for migraines is especially what I have been asked about over the years,” he said.