In SA we might be well on our way to the hot weather but it seems like in the US the heat is already doing the most. 

As you're enjoying the spring breeze and warm weather, spare a thought for the people in parts of America where it's SO hot, people's shoes are shrinking. 

A Twitter user by the handle @Autumn_Kamrie shared a picture of what, at first glance, look like they're Nike sliders for kids but actually, they are a size 9.

"If y’all wanna know how my day is going (And I’m sure you do)... As I’m getting into my car I see these little ass shoes in my backseat. I’m thinking whose damn kids been in my car???? So I look at the shoe and it’s a mf size 9. THE SUN SHRUNK MY SLIDES??FML" she posted on twitter.

Autumn seems to not be the only one suffering from this as other users shared their photos as well.