BACKPACKS have made a major comeback!

Fashion, style and comfort have finally come together. Backpacks are a must-have bag right now. 

Most of us don’t work at the circus, but our commutes to work often requires a lot of juggling.

While we’ve mastered the balancing act of handling our phones, bags, and morning coffee, it can get a little old (not to mention require some serious skills) for such a dextrous activity so early in the morning.

But there is an easy way to give yourself a hand, literally speaking — swap your work tote for a work-appropriate backpack. We know, we know, backpacks don’t scream “grown up.”

With the picks ahead, however, you’ll be thinking twice about these childhood staples.

Take a peek at these backpacks and free your daily carry from getting too, ahem, carried away.

In fashion, what goes around comes around. Fashionistas constantly draw inspiration from the collective fashion past. Sometimes, you bring back a particular item that invokes a personal sense of nostalgia… you can carry everything in it, from books to gym gear that would fit.

You can also personalize it and mix it with you kind of style… I am currently loving the colour and make of this one.