Taking care of natural hair can be a bit of work but when you know what to do, when and for what occasion, it becomes a lot better. 

I have compiled 10 easy to do hairstyle for women with Natural Africa hair. 

1. The Afro Bun - if your hair isn't long enough or you want more volume, you can add this Beautiful Kinky Curly African Fluffy Artificial Afro Puff Bun

Sephetho sa setšoantšo sa the afro bun

2. The Afro pony tail - This has been in trend this year it definitely is an easy one too as you just tie your pony and attach it. 

Sephetho sa setšoantšo sa the afro ponytail

3. The half done bun - 

4- The 2 line plat with fro Ponies

5. The tie halfway 

6. The bantu knots 

7. The buble pony

Sephetho sa setšoantšo sa bubble ponytail

8. The double bun

9. Just open a line- Centre or side... it works

10. The high bun 

Sephetho sa setšoantšo sa high bun for black hair