Mzansi’s sexiest podcast is back with yet another insightful episode.

This week, our hosts Gomie Seabi, Mlungisi Mpela and an expert will be discussing period sex.

Speaking to SunBuzz, Mlungisi said: “We will be discussing the very sensitive topic of period sex, and all a man needs to know when their partner goes on her period.”

He said there was nothing wrong with period sex.

“Our expert advises that we talk to our partners about the fears and anxieties we might have when it comes to having sex during a period,” he said.

“For instance, if blood makes you uncomfortable, then you don’t have to engage in sex. But, you can have sex using a condom. All this lies with couples communicating and compromising with each other. Otherwise, this is totally safe.”

Mlungisi said the expert would also speak bout where one should capitalise on a woman’s hormonal cycle if looking to have a baby or not.

Gomie said the episode would debunk a lot of myths.

“I’m glad we’re having this conversation as it will address a lot of myths on the subject.

“Listeners will learn that there aren’t any health effects, and that above all, it’s about personal preference,” she said.

Gomie said being part of Umjolo and Sex had been an eyeopener for her.

“We learn with our listeners, and we also take in the information. We’re humbled that our podcast has become a bridge between knowledge and fun, and hope to grow more.”

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