Poverty and inequality are very rife issues in South Africa with half of the population living below the poverty line and as a result, people believe poverty is nothing to joke about.

A controversial South African shanty hotel continues to receive negative comments for its "uniqueness" with a majority of people citing that this hotel is a slap in the face for people who live that reality.

At this hotel, guests stay in a recreation of the shacks inhabited by the poor. Each shanty sleeps four and goes for R870 per night. Rooms are equipped with donkey geysers and long drop outdoor toilets as the hotel promises to deliver "the full African Experience."

Emoya Luxury Hotel in Bloemfontein, Free State, has been all over the internet in the past for its unique accommodation and has again made it back onto the trends list.

A Facebook group by the name Hustle Without Boarders posted about the hotel on Tuesday and the post got a lot of traction. 

"Shanty Town Hotel in Bloemfontein...its a fake slum themed resort in #SouthAfrica designed for wealthy tourists to experience 'poverty life', read the post which outraged many people. 

"I am curious, after experiencing this 'poverty life' at this hotel, will it change how some wealthy people see black people struggling on a daily and try to help better their lives or is it for aimless fun at the expense of real people who live in shacks?" Thabisa Tolom asked. 

One of the reviewers who booked at the hotel on Tripadvisor said: "We booked in shanty town, in one of the 'shacks' and it is very creatively done! We were really excited about the experience of sleeping in a 'shack', except that we did not sleep!!There was a wedding in the venue next to our shack and at 5.30 the next morning they were still playing LOUD music!!! We had not slept for the whole night.

According to their website, Emoya also has a Basotho Village Lodge.