As this year’s matric results come out, here’s my piece of advice to pupils: If you’ve passed but your marks aren’t good enough to secure you a place at university or college, don’t despair.

Go back to school and improve them.

It’s pointless to drown in your sorrows over something you can still fix.

Don’t end up settling for some fly-by-night college at a flat in Joburg, Mbombela, Durban, Polokwane or Tshwane, just to impress those who might have found pleasure in your shortcomings.

This is your life, your future and your well-being.

Don’t worry about what people will say. People always talk.

To those who didn’t make it at all, remember that in life we sometimes have to go through failure to become successful.

Sometimes failure serves as an eye-opener or a blessing in disguise.

Soldier on and work on what let you down.

Nothing is ever impossible if you put your mind to it.

To parents, I urge you to support these young souls and never criticise them.

Instead, encourage them to pull up their socks.

Letter by Malphia Honwane, from Gottenburg in eManyeleti