This is our final blog post in our three-month PURITY Journey with our babies, Sebastian and Lihle, and you, our readers. Over the last three months we’ve enjoyed sharing our babies’ journey with you and wish you and yours a wonderful adventure.

We leave you with the joys of delighting baby with new tastes and our reflections on the •  PURITY Journey Journal App™  which we hope you enjoy using as much as we do.


Getting your little one to eat is probably one of many parents’ biggest challenges. You can cook and steam and boil and carefully concoct the simplest or most creative of foods, but often your little darling will have different ideas.

Your lovingly mushed-up zucchini ends up spat out or on the floor.

Moreover, finding time to cook and puree food is demanding for parents with busy schedules.

PURITY pouches have been a revelation and is often all Sebastian will eat. He particularly likes the Yogilicious pouches, which contain dairy mixed with fruit.

Pouches are quick to grab and very easy to feed baby as anytime anywhere snack.


The pouches are so convenient that sometimes I get mom guilt. Surely it can’t be this easy? – Grethe



It is amazing how time flies and how fast our little angels have grown.

The first time I downloaded the PURITY Journey Journal App™, I couldn’t wait to try all the features as I did not anticipate how fast she would grow.

Every time she reached a new milestone, I would be excited to enter it into the PURITY Journey Journal App™.

The medical logbook feature on the App was helpful in ensuring we didn’t miss important appointments – especially during lockdown when the days blended into each other. We were reminded of our little one’s next vaccination as well as their doctor’s visits. With the pressure of working from home and being a parent, this feature was amazing.

As the babies grew, the product page was helpful in offering up what is out there as the stages and milestones arrived. Each of the products is categorized so that parents know at what stage it is right for baby and so made shopping that much easier for us sleep deprived carers.

It was a great privilege during this journey with you, readers, to interview the incredible specialists on the PURITY Journey Journal App™ panel of experts. Among them, specialist paediatrician Thulja Trikamjee, personal finance expert Priya Naicker, dad coach Craig Williamson and clinical psychologist Jenny Perkel.

I had an allergy scare the first time I tried feeding baby Lihle fish. Reading one of the articles helped me realise that she was allergic to it and it educated me on when and how to introduce new foods- Nkazi

We hope you are enjoying every stage of being a parent and if you are expecting, we hope you are just as excited about the journey.

Wishing you all happiness and good health. – Grethe and Nkazi

• Download the PURITY Journey Journal App™ for more useful tips and advice from PURITY’s panel of experts. The App also provides FREE 24/7 access to medical support and emergency contacts.