CO-OWNER of South Western Dairy, Nkosana Mtimkulu knows that building a business requires a lot of responsibility and patience.

He told Daily Sun that 10 years ago when he started a farm with his dad Stephen in Groot Marico, North-West, they started small.

But their farm has since grown – they supply the neighbouring community with fresh milk.

Nkosana, originally from Mofolo in Soweto, said to get where he was, he had to work hard and be patient.


“I started researching the dairy-processing business and found out about the equipment needed, and getting funding to enable us to get this done,” he said.

After two years, he could see that their business was moving in the right direction. Their dairy factory is based in Tshwane and employs five people.

They produce pasteurised fresh milk, amasi, yoghurt and drinking yoghurt. They have secured retail opportunities with wholesalers such as OBC, Big Save, as well as spazas and coffee shops.

Stephen Mtimkulu.

Nkosana said although it took long to finally see results, things were steadily moving in the right direction.

But Covid-19 hit Mzansi and they were forced to put their plans in hold.

He said to succeed, they needed other farmers to come on board and supply them with milk, big wholesalers to give their products a chance and the community to support them.

“This is a national product that grows when we work together,” Nkosana told the People’s Paper.