Hey MizzB

I’M a 17-year-old boy in high school. 

I find it easier to make friends with girls than I do with boys. 

I think it’s because I take very good care of myself and don’t like rough play. 

A new girl started school this year. I have strong feelings towards her, but the problem is that people assume I’m gay because I don’t behave like other boys. 

I can’t be gay. It’s against my religion. Please help me!

- Bro 

Hey Bro

There’s nothing wrong with being the person you are! 

When you find the person you’re placed on this earth to be, it gives you freedom to live your truth and be true to yourself. 

Being gay is not a crime, nor is it a sin. 

It’s important to understand that religion is about loving one another and not judging each other based on appearance.

When you love and accept yourself for who you are, people around you will do the same. 


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