Dear MizzB 

MY partner and I used to have a very healthy sex life.  

We would have sex countless times whenever we were together but lately, he has changed.  

He is no longer interested in having sex with me.  

I think he’s cheating and am thinking of cheating too. Please help. 

- Frustrated 

Dear Frustrated 

Sex is a way people connect in a relationship and lack of it can cause them to grow apart. 

Communicating your feelings to your partner about the lack of sex is important. 

There might be logical reasons behind the sudden change in your man’s sexual drive without it being cheating. 

It’s human nature to think he is cheating since he is not being intimate with you. But assumptions can be wrong at times. 

It’s important to let your partner know how you feel and the thoughts you have. 

You should give him a chance to clarify things from his side before making any rash decisions. Couple counselling will help you both express your feelings and decide on a way forward. Good luck!


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