Dear MizzB

My girlfriend and I have been having sex for eight months with condoms and everything was fine.

Lately, when we have sex, she has a very bad smell and yellow discharge.

A friend told me she’s probably sleeping around without using condoms.

I’m no longer interested. How do I tell her I’m done?


Dear Brother

Smelly, coloured discharge can be caused by different infections. Sexually transmitted infections are some of the probable causes. The only way to know what the cause is and how to treat it is through medical assistance.

Please advise your girlfriend to go to the clinic or doctor and get proper help.

A person doesn’t have to sleep with more than one partner to get infected, so it doesn’t mean your girlfriend was sleeping around.

You have the right to choose whether you still want to be with her or not.

Be polite and talk to her about your feelings and changes without judging her.

All the best!