Dear MizzB

My cousin recently found out that she's HIV positive.

She is distant and always wants to be alone. I hate seeing her like this and would like to help her feel better about herself. What can I do to help her?

  • Stressed

Dear Stressed

Life changing news is never easy to handle as it needs a lot of courage and energy.

The fact that you’re willing to be supportive and stand by her is a good thing.

Each person has their own way of dealing with issues or challenges that come their way.

Due to the different nature of personalities, not everyone adjusts to the news as speedily and logically as others would expect.

Letting your cousin know you are there for her and offering to support her every step of the way should keep her motivated to take charge of her life.

Make her aware that counselling can help her face all the fears she has. She can overcome them by being well informed about living positively with HIV.

I wish her all of the best.


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