MOST men aren’t bothered by pubic hair.

But if you were to ask a woman what she thought about that unsightly hair, both under her armpits and at the nether regions, you’re likely to be met by a strong response.

This as most members of the fairer sex wouldn’t mind if it were to totally disappear from their bodies – never to be seen again.

Most reasons that come up for women’s disdain for pubic hair are often around hygiene-related matters and ideas about it being unattractive to most men.

In a bid to find out for sure what the general consensus around pubic hair was, SunBuzz talked to the members of both genders.

Kagiso Sithole said he wasn’t bothered by pubic hair.

Said Kagiso: “I grew up knowing you had to be clean and nothing will happen to you.

“So, I believe we have pubic hair for a reason and that means keeping it clean has always existed, even before the invasion of colognes and body sprays.

“Also, I don’t have odour problems, so I don’t see why I should shave my pubic hair off.”

According to Kagiso, removing his pubic had resulted in a most uncomfortable sensation.

“I once shaved it off because my girlfriend kept complaining about it.

“But I have to say, that was the most uncomfortable time for me as it used to itch a lot – and often when I was around people,” he said.

Rachel Phakathi said she didn’t mind her pubic hair.

Insisted Rachel: “I’d keep my hair and just groom it, but for women generally, keeping it is difficult.

“Pubic hair isn’t disgusting, but people react a certain way when it’s visible, which makes you moreself-conscious in public.”

But she made no compromises about keeping her pubic hair down south.

“When it comes to my vagina, I don’t take any chances because it’s sensitive and I can’t stand itchiness down there,” Rachel said.

“I know there are many options, including waxing, hair removers and blades. But due to having had yeast infection problems in the past when removing my hair, I don’t bother anymore.”

She added: “When it comes to my partner, as they say, ‘Cleanliness is next to godliness.’

“So if he’s clean, we’re good. I’ve heard stories about how sex was less enjoyable with a guy who has a lot of hair down there, but I’d say poor sexual performance wasn’t the result of him having pubic hair.”

But it seemed most pregnant women found pubic hair irritating, according to Nomazamo Sithole.

“I don’t care whether it’s normal hair or pubic hair, hair irritates me and shaving isn’t an option because of the after-effects I experience,” she said.

“People recommend vaginal products, but doctors recommend a nicely trimmed vagina, trimmed using a pair of scissors, that is.”

According to doctor Kamogelo Mphelo, grooming one’s pubic hair without using products to remove was an ideal way of handling it.

Said the doctor: “If you shave your hair off, both under your arms and on your genital area, your skin burns because it doesn’t have any protection.

‘The areas that have hair are supersensitive, hence the irritation.”

Relationship adviser Karabo Oliphant said pubic hair shouldn’t be a factor among couples because being in a relationship meant being comfortable and being yourself around someone else

Compromise: if your partner isn’t comfortable with hair, then you need to discuss if one of you has to shave.

Keep it clean: our private parts and under arms have odours, as they’re in the warmest place. The only way to groom your pubic hair is to keep those areas clean.

Talk about it: when two people get into a relationship, they are in a honeymoon phase and tend not to voice out their concerns. But the key is to let your partner know what bothers you.