"Any playing surface is as good as its grounds staff."

Former Arsenal's Head Groundsman Reece Watson gave this response in his exit interview when he was asked about how does he and his staff maintain quality of the Emirates Stadium on a weekly basis. 

He explained that a stadium is as great as its maintenance. 

A fresh punani, much like any playing surface, needs great maintenance for it to thrive during match-day.

Keeping it wet (which needs a great piping system) and trimming its grass to perfection is but some ways we can maintain a punani much like any world-class stadium. 

We take a closer look at what ways can you maintain a fresh punani:

1. Wash with warm water 


Use warm water to wash the vulva.

Dry thoroughly with a clean towel afterwards to avoid any irritation in your vulva. 

2.  Avoid wearing thongs


I need to tread carefully on this point in case I'm made to walk a thin thread by women. 

You see what I just did there? 

G-strings or thongs according to sexologists tend to mess up a women's vulva. 

I know they are sexy and appease the eye, but try these new shorts that look very much like men underwear.  

3. Keep the pubes



There are a lot of health benefits for not shaving your pubic hair as a female.

So maybe the grass is definitely greener on the other side. 

4. Pee after sex


Urinating after sex helps cleanse the urethra from harmful bacteria.

Like any other sports or game, player/players have to go to the change rooms for half-time. 

Take this as a much-needed water break. 

It will definitely keep your punani in the game. 

5. Sleep in your birthday suit


South African-born actor Charlize Theron admitted in an interview how she enjoys walking around naked in her house. 

She deemed it "liberating" and I now know why. 

Some research suggests that that cooler temperatures can be great for your health and punani. 

Talk about the naked truth.