KFC now has experimental meatless 'chicken' made from pea protein but experts claims that it doesn't mean that it is healthier. 

The meatless chicken is available in America for now in partnership with Beyond Meat.

Although people are turning to plant-based food as a healthier option, the highly-processed meat substitute isn't actually much healthier than KFC's regular fried chicken.

According to Business Insider, swapping out chicken for plant protein could be better for the planet, however Research has shown meat production to be a major threat to the environment. Animal farming produces large amounts of greenhouse gasses like carbon dioxide, and farmland competes for space with natural ecosystems like forests. Although chicken and other poultry isn't as damaging as red meats like beef, it's still a part of industrial agriculture.

A major study from the Lancet has found that shifting toward a plant-based diet could make a huge difference. "Food is the single strongest lever to optimise human health and environmental sustainability on Earth," according to a summary of the research.