ICE POPS are exclusively for kids, right? Well, yes.

That was only until Karabo Mogoai (28) came up with a cool way for adults to enjoy popsicles this summer.

Karabo from Kagiso, Mogale City, sells alcohol-infused popsicles.

He calls them Lick-aah Pops and they cost between R25 and R35.

“They are filled with flavour and made with natural sweeteners. They are great for chilling in your garden and cooling off,” Karabo said.

“I like cocktails when I hang out with friends, so I figured why not have a popsicle on a stick.”

Karabo went home and started making his own flavours using freshly-picked fruits.

He mixes them with gin, vodka and rum, depending on the flavour he is making.

“There’s a decent amount of alcohol, so I don’t advise people to have my popsicles while driving.

“But you can have a couple to begin feeling a buzz.”

“People really enjoy them. The response is good,” he said.Some people order big quantities and keep them in the freezer for hot days.

“I also sell them at pop-up stores at different markets and events.”

People who want to place orders can follow Lick-aah Pops on all social media platforms.