Feeling comfortable in your own skin is very important during sex. Unpleasant smells during sex are a big no-no and embarrassing, to say the least.

Taking a shower or bath before sex will get rid of all surprise smells and increase your confidence in bed.

But some think this a bad idea. Apparently, your natural scent is a source of sexual attraction and taking a bath or shower before sex strips away the scent. If you feel self-conscious about not taking a bath, try a few drops of your favourite essential oil on your body. 

Bathing or taking a shower often also strips moisture from your skin. This means your skin might not feel soft and hydrated, which is what we need our skin to be when being intimate.

Here are some issues that may have you rushing to the bathroom. If your partner is uncircumcised, taking a shower is important. Urinary infection-causing bacteria may build up there and be passed to you during sex, so do not let your partner skip that shower! If you've had a long day and have been sweating a lot, taking a bath also helps.

Feeling fresh before the deed is important.

An obvious reason to also take a bath or shower before sex is after you've had bad diarrhea. You don't want your partner to get a smelly surprise during sex.

If you know you have had a lot of number 2 visits to the bathroom, take that shower or bath quick! 

We are all different, so do whatever makes you comfortable.