SOMEONE once said having sex is easy but being in love is hard.

Seeing sex as a transaction and love as an investment, the million-dollar question is, are we transacting more than investing?

Having looked at how often we should have sex and the benefits that come with it, even at drinks that boost our sexual appetites, it seems a lot of our focus has shifted towards transacting, like Outsurance’s tagline, which says you must always get something out.

According to online magazine Thought Catalog, being or finding love should be what we seek in life.

When we find love, we change our ways and our overall outlook on life. Psychologists say this allows us to perform better in all aspects of life, including sex. In other words, you could easily invest and enjoy these transactions.

Yes, love comes with a beautiful bag of challenges, but so does sex, right? We cannot ignore that we are sexual beings and the fact that after three seconds we can already tell whether we would be sexual partners or not doesn’t make it any easier.

Like Shaka from The Queen would say, we need to find a beautiful balance between the two, and quickly.

So, while we are still in search of our soulmates, we should keep sexually fit with whomever we are comfortable with.