Dear MizzB 

I’M a 27-year-old guy who’s attracted to older women. I like their level of maturity.  

The challenge is they don’t take me seriously and keep turning me down, saying I’m a child. 

This stresses me. Please help. 

- Worried 

Dear Worried

Asking a woman out is not easy, and when she’s older than you, it becomes even more challenging. 

Unfortunately with dating, people have different preferences and this gives them the right to choose a partner who fits their criteria. 

There’s nothing wrong when you’re attracted to older women. You just need to consider your timing. 

Other people might turn you down because they are with their friends and feel embarrassed. Don’t lose hope and keep soldiering on. 

The woman who is meant for your will eventually come. All the best.


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Remember, there is always hope.