WHEN it comes to technology and getting a piece of mind, many people find themselves looking for ways to stay connected without staying online or being seen online.

Social media services such as WhatsApp help us a great deal to stay connected and communicate with family, friends and colleagues.

But sometimes one needs a break from it all, and this handy trick allows iPhone users to preview an image sent via WhatsApp without actually opening the chat.

This means you can view a picture message without showing the sender that you’ve seen it, leaving no imminent pressure to reply and that is if you have your read receipts on.

How to secretly open a WhatsApp image message?

This trick is only available for iPhone users at the moment.

You exit all chats and go back to the main chats window. Then select the chat you wish to preview by pressing down and swiping to the left.


You should see a “More” option pop up.

Click “More” and then click “Export Chat”.

You can attach media to the chat and export the whole thing then click “Save to Files”.

This means you can save all the images sent in the chat to an area on your device as well as all the chat messages.

All that’s left to do is head to the section where you saved the chat and read away.