Nosipho Majozi did not expect that she will become part of the 'botched hairstyles' statistics when she went to a barber to get her birthday haircut. 

The haircut that left Nosipho in tears went viral on social media after she tweeted about it. 

“To top it off he laughed at me after he saw what nonsense he did,” she recalled, also adding, “I refused to pay, however the guy was in stitches and couldn’t believe it”. 

Botched Hairstyle

Botched Hairstyle

Botched Hairstyle

Here's what to do when the hairstylist ruins your hair:

- Speak up while you’re still in the chair. The hairdresser can make a few tweaks if she doesn’t have another appointment pending.

- Refer back to your consult. Phrase your complaints with, “During our consultation we discussed leaving it this length, but it looks a little short,” or, “Could you show me another way to style my hair like how we discussed?” When it comes to color, Szabo suggests being specific, like, “I do not like this color because __” or “This color is not working for me because __.” says the Money Market website

- Don’t immediately go to another hairdresser to fix it. “Give the hairstylist the opportunity to make things right - which most will do for free - and talk it through again,”

- Give the look a chance to grow on you. “Your hair goes into shock. And so do people - we don’t like change,” said Cohen.

- Save demanding a refund or speaking to the manager as a last resort.

- Come back after a week for a redo.