A national lockdown is on its way and many South Africans will be confined to their own homes but many are worried that they might gain weight due to eating all day as they will won't have much to do at home. 

As we adapt to these changes, we need to find ways and routines that will work for us and a UK nutritionist Tamara Willner explained to Daily Mail that this apparent need to constantly eat is triggered by feelings of boredom, panic and anxiety brought on by fears surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, and the government's life-changing measures to stop the spread. 

Tamara Willner and The Lunchbox Doctor Jenny Tschiesche shared advise on how to tackle the unhealthy eating during lockdown.

Tamara outlined a plan that anyone can follow to put an end to their emotional eating during lockdown. 

Know your trigger

Keeping a food diary of what we eat, how much we eat, and what we're feeling when we eat can help us identify what triggers comfort eating. For some people, it's boredom, whereas for others it's stress, anxiety, or sadness.

Find a new outlet for emotion

Once we know what triggers our emotional eating, we can find other simple activities at home to manage these without food.

You can take a walk, meditate or even take a bath to keep your mind off food.

Jenny said it is important to try and stick to regular meal times, and to eat dishes packed with healthy, fulfilling and nutritious ingredients. 

She said: "Try and focus meals on good quality proteins such as tinned fish, eggs (if you can find some), tofu, legumes and lots of vegetables either fresh or from frozen or tins if need be. These protein-based meals will keep you fuller for longer. 

"Furthermore, there are particular foods that can help boost the levels of the happy hormone serotonin, such as fish, nuts, dark green vegetables, seeds, oats, yogurt, eggs and poultry. Try and ensure you are eating these foods regularly too."