While age-old tradition states that Valentine’s Day should be all about pampering others; who’s to say that person can’t be you? You don’t need a special occasion to show yourself some love, however seeing as how it is the month of love, Valentine’s seems like a good day to start.

“Self-love should always be a priority,” says Clere brand manager Su-Marie Annandale. For over 60 years now the skin care brand has advocated body positivity, and loving yourself, through their message of loving your beautiful skin with their tried and tested skin care products. So, if you want to glow for anyone this day of love, and all month long, do so for yourself.

Glowing and youthful skin go hand in hand. Young skin is clear, unblemished, plump and hydrated. Spending too much time in the sun, a poor diet, stress, smoking, exposure to pollutants and simply ageing can all make regeneration slower.

Annandale says you can show yourself some love, while also keeping your skin radiant and glowing, by following these easy steps:

H20 on the go - Drink more water; at least six to eight glasses of water a day will help to re-hydrate your skin. If you’re always on the go keep a bottle with you, or on your desk, if you’re office based. Fill it up regularly, this will also help you to stretch your legs every couple of hours – keeps the blood flow moving and minimises cramping.

Soak in the bath - When you’re feeling stressed and just want to disappear from everyday life for a bit, why not spend 20 minutes soaking in a warm bath? The warm water will help soothe tense muscles, reduce headaches, and promote tranquillity in your body. Add some essential oils for the added benefit of aromatherapy, the scents of both vanilla and jasmine can help calm nerves, revitalise body and mind and provide comfort. Listen to your favourite music, light some candles, and you’ve got your own at-home spa experience.

Put yourself first this Valentine’s Day

Moisturise - The best time to moisturise is after your bath or shower; your slightly dampish skin allows for better absorption and hydration. Especially formulated for normal to dry skin, Clere’s Berries & Cream lotion and crème is enriched with NutriMoist; a combination of tissue oil, pure glycerine, Vitamins E & A, natural moisturising factors and, will moisturise your skin for 48 hours. The fragrance emits a sweet strawberry aroma with just a hint of creamy vanilla and takes advantage of the trend in fragrance development towards gourmand fragrances - scents consisting primarily of edible notes, such as berries and cream. The indulgent moisturiser will leave a fruity, fresh aroma on your skin, while the consistency is soft and easily absorbed. “What you put on your skin directly nourishes your heart chakra and energy body, so looking after your skin is one of the best ways to look after your whole self,” adds Annandale.

Put yourself first this Valentine’s Day

Vitamin C - Vitamin C is crucial to the formation and repair of collagen, and in times of stress or illness our need increases. Take a high-quality Vitamin C supplement and start your day with a freshly squeezed orange juice.

New hair, new you - Block out some time in your diary for a treat at the hairdresser. There’s really nothing better than having someone else wash your hair, give you a head massage, and style a fresh, new ‘do.’

Take a nap - Work and stress are a recipe for constant exhaustion. Sleep is precious, and just feels that extra bit special when it’s during the day. Wear an eye mask, turn off your phone, and enjoy your much-needed shut eye.

Eat your favourite meal - Do you have a certain restaurant you absolutely love or a meal you think about all the time? Go get it, or order it in. Pampering yourself doesn’t end with beauty, it involves spoiling yourself and indulging in general too. Forget about the calories and savour the moment.

Finally, do absolutely nothing, guilt free - Sometimes you just need to do nothing. Sit on the couch and watch hours of mindless reality TV shows, read a book, magazine or anything you don’t get to do enough of. No judgements. Forget your to-do list or what you should be doing and just relax. Enjoy!

Clere lotions and crèmes are available at all major retail outlets at a cost of R21.99 and R34.99