RETAIL experts will attest to the fact that shoppers firstly purchase with their minds, confirm with their hearts and conclude with their wallets.

With Black Friday around the corner, the shopping frenzy can already be felt with consumers gearing themselves up for massive discounts.

This particular Black Friday comes during a pandemic and a global economic meltdown.

Financial experts have warned that due to the economic constraints brought on by Covid-19, this year’s Black Friday needs to be approached differently.

Here is how you can prepare for this Black Friday:

1. Ask yourself: what do I need?

Those who did basic economics will remember the difference between a need and a want. Don’t find yourself spending on wants and not needs. Black Friday regret is real.

2. Draw up a needs list

If you want to commit to something, writing it down is the best way of affirming and committing to it.

3. Invest in platforms like Amazon

Keeping to the Covid-19 regulations, the best way to shop and maintain your social distance is by shopping on the biggest online retail platform. It has been proven to be the best place to shop for Black Friday deals.