We know by now that most women wear wigs but what sets most apart is how realistic their wig looks. A customized and edges laid kind of wig is what can set you apart from the rest of the wig wearers. 

A gradual hairline with no wigy look can be achieved by customizing and plugging your wig's edges to make it look more natural and with baby hair if you want some. 

A lace frontal is similar to a lace closure except that it's much longer and is supposed to mimic one's hairline. 

It is usually 13 inches wide (from ear to ear) to 4 to 7 inches deep. 

A customized wig is an excellent protective hairstyle because you don't even have to leave any of your natural hair out. 

To customize your big and create baby hairs you will need the following:

  • Human Hair Lace Wig
  • Mannequin Head
  • Comb
  • Pins
  • Alligator Clips
  • Brush
  • Tweezers
  • Scissors
  • Razors
  • Heat protection


Step 1: Place your lace wig on your mannequin head and make sure it is nice and secure with your T-Pins.

Step 2: Pluck The Lace: Plucking is the process of using a tweezer to pluck out excess hairs around the frontal to make it less bulky. Part the hair on your lace front wig in two sections and take your fave tweezers and start to pluck the hairline towards you in order to get a more natural look.

Step 3: Create Your Own Part: All lace wigs were not created equal. Some come with a pre-made part down the middle, to the side, with multiple parts, or with no parting at all (also known as a "free part"). With a free part lace front wig, you'll get to choose where you want your part to lay and create it. You can do this before you create the full wig or after. Just play around with the parting, create a fun hairstyle or keep it down for a more sophisticated and trendy look.

Step 4: Create Natural Edges: Adjust your lace front wig accordingly. Don't forget the baby hairs! For this step separate a small section of the hair from the hairline that you want to use as baby hairs. Use a razor to cut the hair down until the hair is at your desired baby hair length.

You can refer to Ms Precious Marie's YouTube Video below: