Why it’s not enough to keep your hands clean; your surfaces need to be clean too

If you’re not already spending most of your time at home, come midnight on Thursday 26 March when the COVID-19 lockdown officially kicks in, the majority of us will be home 24/7 for the next three weeks. While we may not be leaving our homes, hygiene measures still need to be put in place to help stop the spread of the virus.

Regular handwashing is imperative, however there is always more that can be done.  “We need to stop the virus at its source,” explains Nicola Hickman Brand Manager of sterilising product range, Milton, in South Africa.

Milton’s range of sterilising products have been used in clinical and household environments for over 70 years. The product range is known to kill 99.9% of all known germs therefore preventing them from spreading.

The most effective approach to protecting you and your family from the disease is through systematic hand hygiene and, very importantly, through cleaning of all surfaces. “It’s the latter that often gets missed or just ignored.

“What most people don’t realise is that, according to recent scientific information, human coronaviruses can remain infectious on inanimate surfaces for up to 72 hours. A surface disinfectant containing 0.12% PCMX (Chloroxylenol) or 0.1% sodium hypochlorite has been proven to be effective against previous strains of Coronaviruses after a contact time of only five minutes,” explains Hickman.

Milton Sterilising Surface Spray contains 0.5% PCMX (Chloroxylenol) and Milton Sterilising Fluid contains 1.0% active Sodium Hypochlorite.

Therefore, she recommends using Milton products on all surfaces to keep them germ free. Both products are easy to use; the Milton Sterilising Fluid can be made up with regular tap water and the Surface Spray is available in a ready to use convenient trigger spray bottle.

Hickman adds that to prevent germs effectively, Milton should be used as indicated on pack:

  • Milton Sterilising Fluid – Mix 40ml of Milton Sterilising Fluid with 1 litre of cold water.
  • Milton Surface Spray – Spray directly onto the surface. Leave for at least five minutes. Wipe away with a clean cloth. No need to rinse.
  • Disinfect surfaces by regularly wiping them down with either of the above solutions.

    Milton Sterilising Fluid is available in 1litre, 500ml and 200ml for R69.99, R39.99 and R21.99. and Milton Sterilising Surface Spray is available in 500ml for R42.99. The products are available at all major retailers.

    For more information contact the Coronavirus outbreak 24-hour hotline number on 0800 029 999