NATURAL hair is sensitive to heat.

We are in the warmer season where the sun is always blazing and people don’t have control over temperature that affects their hair.

And the trick is to keep your hair moisturised, so it doesn’t get damaged by the direct heat of the sunlight.

Hair that’s exposed to heat through a hairdryer or sunlight becomes light and damaged.

So, the best way to keep the natural moisture of your hair is to use the leave-in-conditioner, oils and crème (L.O.C) method.

The term is mostly used by people with natural hair.

It’s effective if you use the method at night.

Before applying any product to your hair, you have to apply water because it plays a huge role in keeping it moist.

Here are the three steps on how to apply each product:

Water: Spray hair with water to prepare it for any products you want to use.Natural hair loves water because it keeps it moisturised and hair products seal in the moisture.

Leave-in-conditioner: Apply leave-in-conditioner from the brand of your choice. This product moisturises the hair.Oils: The light oils are preferred. They include grape seed oil and olive oil. They lock in moisture and protect your hairline.Hair cream or butter: This is the final step in the moisturising method. It plays a role in retaining moisture in the hair.This if you skip a day without using products after doing this step.

For the hair to grow, your genes play a role. To have healthy hair, one has to ensure it’s well-taken care of.

You have to find products that work with your hair and stick to them.

Nolwandle Mkhize told SunBuzz she cut her relaxed hair to grow natural hair.

This as it was always dry and irritated her scalp.

Said Nolwandle: “The internet mislead us with people taking care of their hair and forgot to show us the hard work that goes in maintaining good hair.

“I didn’t understand my hair and thought using less product was the way to go.

“But it turns out it wasn’t and my hair got ruined.”

According to Nolwandle, she has since familiarised herself with taking care of her scalp and hair.

She performs a monthly treatment on her scalp and hair in a bid to keep it healthy.

“Cutting the splitting ends once or twice a year has been great for my hair,” she said.

“This has really helped me keep my hair healthy.

“Consistency as far as your treatment is concerned is also very important. Take good care of your hair, it’s an extension of your beauty and who you are,” Nolwandle said.