When one talks about sex or intercourse, the first thing that jumps to mind is penetration. 

Nothing says sex like a 4-5 playing house in a punani and anything over and above that is a mystery. 

Sex has evolved immensely over the years and the emphasis on penetrative sex has slowly become a subjective conversation.  

Many sexologists agree that today, sex has a lot more to it than the two private parts. 

From Four-Play to Fingering, sex has rapidly become a more sensual act. 


So can sex be sex without penetration? 

We take a look at some hot and steamy ways of having the best sex without the 4-5.  

1. Mint Sprint 


Deemed the most healthy oral sex move, the mint sprint is literally a breath of fresh air. With one mentholated cough drop of any flavour, all you need to do is to get her naked  and unwrap the cough drop and put it in your mouth. After ensuring that the cough syrup has settled and melted in your mouth, gently begin to lick around the punani, paying special attention to the clitoris. In a few moments, she will feel that breath of fresh air which will lead to a fresh orgasm. 

2. The Grapevine Cotton 


Wine is a women's best friend, and the grape-vine cotton is proof of the pudding. Needing nothing but wine and ensuring her underwear is made of 100% cotton, slowly undress her making sure she's in a standing position. With your woman standing, kneel down in front of her and pull the waistline of her panties toward you, creating an opening about two inches wide. Pour a small amount of wine into the panties and release. Let the wine soak the crotch of the panties as well as your woman's punani. Slowly lick the wine through her underwear and watch her jump into sexual excitement. For a powerful orgasm, this should be done 3-4 times so one bottle of wine should do the trick. 

3. Mouth Wash 


Talk about a clean mouthful of fun. The mouth wash requires him to be lying on his back naked. Apply the toothpaste to the brush and give your teeth a thorough brushing. Spit out the excess toothpaste, but do not rinse. Pleasure your man orally until he provides you with his own brand of tooth paste. 

4. Peaching In 


Before action, cut a circle about an inch and a half in diameter all the way through the peach from the top down. Remove the core,including the pit. Get him naked and with him standing, kneel down in front him. Slide the peach over his 4-5 until it is all the way to the back of the 4-5 and continue holding it with your hand. Pleasure your man orally while, at the same time, squeezing and rotating the peach. Turn it clockwise, then counterclockwise, and move it up and down the 4-5. The juice from the peach will trickle down the 4-5, onto the head and into your mouth. Continue pleasuring him orally and rotating the peach until you've extracted both delectable nectars.