Developing your own sense of style is very important just as deciding who you are and want to be. 

Without even knowing, many people have a specific way of doing things, and style is no different. 

However, maybe you might feel that what you wear doesn’t speak for who you are as a person or you just don’t like it. 

It’s not a bad thing; we just all need to start somewhere. 


Developing and creating your own sense of style may take some time and there is a lot of trail and era. This is because we are constantly changing as people and where we are in life. 

Our style can also be influenced by where we are in life (Being a mother, living in the city or by the beach, working in a corporate job or being a student). 

Here are seven tips that will help in creating your own personal style: 

Always find inspiration 

Think about one to five people that you love their style. These people can be in your life, a blogger or a celebrity. Once you’ve picked out these people, ask yourself why you like their style. It’s also great to have a guide and reference to other people when it comes to style, however try not to copy them. Always remember you are unique and original. 

See where you are in life 

Have you ever purchased an item and then find that you have nowhere to wear that item? Learn to purchase clothes depending on where you live (City or farm), where you hang out, what type of job you do, which events you attend. Just think about it. If you work a corporate job in the city and are required to dress formal every day of the week, you’d invest in a lot more formal clothes. If you know you hang out in night clubs with your friends every weekend, you will invest in a lot of cocktail dresses. If you are a student and have to walk everywhere on campus and carry a back pack, you will probably invest in jeans and sneakers. Basically, fill your closet up with items you know you are more likely to wear than usually. 

Build a closet of basics 

Basic clothing items are items that you would wear everyday and are easy to accessorize, such as blue demin jeans, a white shirt, a black dress, a grey t-shirt, nude pumps, a black handbag. Once you have these kinds of pieces in your closet you will be able to build up on them. 

Dress for you! 

It’s very important to dress for yourself and not anybody else. If you don’t like a particular trend that’s popular it’s okay, you don’t have to wear it. If you like a certain piece of clothing that other people don’t like, who cares, wear it! Have confidence in who you are and it will shine in your outfits too. (PS: we can all learn from Pop star and style icon Rihanna, sometimes she wears the ugliest things or clothes that don’t make sense but because she’s doing it for herself and with confidence, it makes her so great). 

Pick your favourite features in clothes and make that yours 

Pick a feature that you absolutely love and make that your signature. It can be a favourite colour like black, a pattern shape like stripes, a material texture like lace, a clothing item like high heels or blazers. Use that to make your style stand out from the rest. This way you will know that your outfits are always accompanied by that feature you love, so you will then build up your closet around your favourite features and piece/s. 

Try clothes on first before buying 

It’s important to know what looks good on you and your body and what you’re most comfortable in. Fit clothes on to see if it relates to you and looks good on your body. Eg: You might like  A-line skirts but see that pencil skirts look better on you and your body, so this will help you in investing in a lot more pencil skirts than A-line. 

Make a collage/wish list/folder 

Start making collages’, wish lists and folders of outfits that you like. That way when you build up your closet you have references.