WITH the rising number of Covid-19 cases, celebrity health expert Mav Nong (47) has been at the forefront of helping people boost their immune systems.

Mav has been assisting celebrities with their healthy eating plans, and advising thousands on ionised water.

“We often worry about our health once diagnosed with an illness. But we must look at the food we eat and water we drink. Ionised Kangen water has vitamins and minerals. We need to include even 30 minutes of walking into our daily lives. And as you know, South African celebrities costly want to look young and to stay relevant. In the last year, Covid-19 has hit the world, so it’s important to adjust our diets to boost our immune systems.”

Known in celebrity circles as the Kangen Queen, here are Mav’s five tips to improve your daily health:

1. Get vitamin D from the sun

We have been spending most days indoors with our movements restricted. Daily walks of 30 minutes and taking in vitamin D from the sun are essential for optimal health. Low vitamin D has been associated with many health ailments such as osteoporosis, cancer, depression and muscle weakness.

2. Drink Kangen ionised water

Bottled water is stored in plastic and has a shelf life. Plastic causes illness as it has toxins. As we’re living under dire health situations, tap water is not good enough. We need water that has a higher PH level to eliminate toxins in the body. You can use it for cooking, plants, drinking, animals and to disinfect surfaces.

3. Resting is one crucial way to fight disease

Giving your body the required rest gives it a chance to recover, which is important for your immune system to function at full strength. When we sleep, our bodies produce a protein called cytokines that targets infection and inflammation. Our bodies also produce T-cells during sleep, which are white blood cells, that play an important role in our body’s immune response to an infectious disease such as the coronavirus.

4. Eat more plant-based food

South Africans love meat so much that any meal without it is considered not good enough. Eating mostly greens helps to naturally boost the immune system. These vegetables should not be overcooked. Lightly and gently cooking helps to retain the vitamins. Avoid adding creams, butter and rich unhealthy fats to healthy food.

5. Wash your fabric mask daily

A fabric mask needs to be treated the same way as underwear. It is important to use once and then wash it. Germs found on the mask can make one ill, and not just from the coronavirus. Germs going into the mouth and nose can be very dangerous.