54 times a year, once a week. 

According to 2017 study published by Archives of Sexual Behavior.

Couples throughout the year have sex 54 times a year, averaging once a week.

The study further reveals that couples who have sex a least once a week, perform better at work and school, and are generally more happy. 

As fascinating as this sounds, the study doesn't reveal key aspects such as age groups. 

Now according to another study done by The Sun highlights how often different age groups have sex.

It turns out that Ama-2000 or the millennial generation as they are referred to engage in more sexual activities. 

The study suggests that people between the age of 18 and 29 should be having sex 112 times a year, which works out as twice a week on average.

Then we have our nymphos and satyriasis. 

According to sexologists, a nympho is a women with strong sexual desires and a satyriasis a male version of a nympho. 

These two type of beings are often deemed sick as they are slammed "sex creeps". 

Contrary to the belief, these individuals exist and their desire or constant craving for sex is deemed normal by sexologists. 

On average, these individuals must daily engage in sexual activities (not necessarily sex). 

These can be masturbation, watching porn or having sex. 



So the question is:

Which side of the spectrum do you belong in and whatever your sexual preference, remember, that sex has scientifically proven to be good for you.