It can be very scary and alarming if you bleed during sex.

Already you know that something is not right.

However, there are some explanations as to why your vagina is bleeding. But, If you do find yourself bleeding during sex a lot, it’s best advised for you to visit your doctor.

Here are a few reasons why you could be bleeding during sex.

You’re on your period

If you’re having period sex, or have just ended or are about to start, there will be some period blood.

You've scraped your vagina

This could happen if you’re having rough sex without lube, or fingering. Sometimes a scratch or cut in your vagina can heal itself in a few days but if not, do go visit a doctor.

You’re pregnant

Spotting is common during pregnancy because of the hormonal changes in your body. Because of the constant changes in your body this spotting can lead to you bleeding during sex.

You have an infection

Vaginal bleeding is a sign of some infections, including yeast infection, bacterial vaginosis and some STIs. This bleeding may be accompanied by other symptoms such as a change in odour, discharge, itchiness and burning. Do make sure you go to the doctor to get treatment because if left untreated these vaginal infections can cause cervicitis, an inflammation of the cervix, or pelvic inflammatory disease.

You have uterine fibroids

Uterine fibroids are non-cancerous growths in and around the uterus. If they’re large, they can cause pain during sex and sometimes bleeding.