Coca-cola is mainly famous for being a soft drink that is known for its wide variety and versatility. Do you want less sugar? Cola Light. Are you sensitive to caffeine? Drink cola zero

These 10 these other 10 uses will have you raising your eyebrows.

1. To clean the toilet - Coca-Cola can clean rust spots on your toilet. The slight acidity of Coca-Cola can remove stains of all kinds.

2. To tenderize Meat - Coca-Cola can also do wonders in the kitchen, especially with meat. It’s acidity can tenderize meat and work as one heck of a marinade. Check out this braised pork recipe.

3. Bug Control - The sweet syrup of Coca-Cola and other soft drinks attract ants, which feed on the larva of pests that plague crops. A 2004 article by BBC News said farmers in India turned to using soft drinks as pesticides because they were cheaper than pesticides.

4. To clean rusty jewelry - Pour some coca cola into a bowl and soak the jewelry in it for 10 minutes - remove and rub with a cloth. Let the acid of Coca-Cola go to work on mother’s jewelry to give it a nice luster. Many claim Coca-Cola as a good source for cleaning jewelry as well.

5. Gum Remover - Since Coca-Cola contains phosphoric acid, it neutralizes the stickiness of the gum. After soaking the affected hair in Coca-Cola for a few minutes, the gum should slide off.

6. Help an Upset Stomach - There isn’t any scientific evidence to back up that Coca-Cola and other colas can help an upset stomach but people continue to swear by it as a remedy. Where Coca-Cola can help is with stomach blockage, according to researchers from the University of Athens. Colas have chemical ingredients similar to gastric acid, which helps digest fibers.

7. Clean Tile Grout - Coca-Cola’s magical cleaning powers extend into tile grout as well. Let the grout soak with Coca-Cola for a few minutes and then wipe it up. Check out the best tips on cleaning grout and how to whiten grout.

8. Make a Battery - It isn’t so much the ingredients of what goes into a can of Coca-Cola as it is what holds the cola that can transform a can of Coca-Cola into a battery. Grab a penny, perhaps that shiny one you just washed in Coca-Cola, some crocodile clips, wire wool and some tools to make a battery.

9. Prevent Clogs - Coca-Cola can serve as a quick fix for clogged drains because the acidity will clean grime but it may not be worth it because the soda will leave behind a syrupy residue.

10. Clean Eyeglasses - Just pour some Coca-Cola over your lenses, wipe dry and repeat with water to get rid of any sticky residue.