WHILE a lot of is often said about the actual activity of sex, many sexologists agree that sex like film has a pre, production and post-production process.

While the four-play may fall under the pre-production and the actual sex being the actual production.

According to the Health.com publication, there are health practices one needs to do after sex to ensure good health and prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

These are:

1. Go to the bathroom

According to Dr. Twogood, even if ones bladder isn’t full, one should try to pee anyway your urine stream to help flush out bacteria from your urethra, the short tube that carries pee out of your body.

2. Towel off down there

Sex can be wet, messy, semen driven, sweat, lubricant, and vaginal fluids can all leave you damp down below after action between the sheets. According to experts, it’s a smart idea to grab a towel or wad up toilet paper and wipe away the excess moisture. Bacteria and yeast thrive in moist conditions, and not drying off can increase your odds of developing a yeast infection.

3. Embrace being in your birthday suit

According to health experts, keep the clingy underwear off until morning or it might set you up for an infection. Going commando helps air out your punani and let it breathe, which decreases the risk of a yeast infection or another itchy condition.