BY definition, the word handsome simply means good-looking.

Clearly there’s something amazing about handsome men and, according to science, they have the best sperm.

Research shows that men with the healthiest, fastest sperm were rated as the most facially attractive by women.

The characteristics of a person’s face have long been regarded as an indicator of health.

Maria Sancho-Navarro, a team member at the University of Valencia in Spain, said that symmetrical faces were rated as more attractive by the women.

Studies have shown that people with more symmetrical features are less likely to suffer ill health.

In the second part of the above study, 12 men from the good, normal and low-semen quality groups were selected and their photos rated by two independent sets of women.

The women’s perception of a man’s good looks corresponded to better sperm motility and morphology in both groups.

The study has shown that women are able to recognise reproductively fit males on the basis of their facial appearance alone.