The church is a holy place of worship.

As Christians, we mustn’t judge fellow human beings.

But some Christians consider their congregations as better than others, or regard themselves as closer to God than other people.

On numerous occasions, I have been invited to other churches.

The people who invited me are of the view that I’m not Christian enough if I don’t go to their church.

You can love God fully without going to a particular place of worship.

I’m not a regular churchgoer, but I believe that as His creation, God is within my heart.

I can talk to the Lord while I’m in bed, travelling or anywhere else.

That’s because I have faith in our Father who art in heaven, and always trust Him in good and bad times.

The late South African pop diva Brenda Fassie has a song that goes, “Mina angilihamb’ isonto, kodwa ngiyakwaz’ ukuthandaza”.

She was right because people who know how to communicate with God don’t deserve to be judged.

The Lord has put all of us on earth, so no one is better than others. We are all equal in God’s eyes.

  • Letter by Yvonne Petrus, from Gauteng.