Anew year, like previous years, requires us to be disciplined.

If one applies basics such as persistence, resilience and perseverance in their day-to-day struggles, your goals can be easily accomplished.

Only you can turn your life into what you have been dreaming of.

Being passionate about what you believe in is also important. It will push you to reach for your goals.

Look around you and be inspired by the opportunities and mistakes people make.

Read books, listen to motivational speakers and, most importantly, take action.

I couldn’t agree more with author Robin Sharma’s inspirational quote: “Ideas without action are a complete waste of your finest hours.”

Let 2020 be the year in which we don’t talk about ideas but about implementing them.

  • Letter by William Mawete,from Bochum
  • A lot of people tend to think that having smart ideas is enough to give you success. I like your approach,William. People of Mzansi should always look around them for opportunities and motivation. Other people’s failures can provide an opportunity to make it big. Let’s get out there and do something. This letter wins R200. Please call Nthabiseng at the office to collect. – Deputy Editor