It's Flay SA Fair's birthday and you could stand a chance to win a flight tickets that is worth R5. 

Yep! you heard it, R5. There are 45 000 tickets on sale for R5 each, including airport taxes - bookable for travel valid until September 2019. 

Game On

This year, the airline will be running three competitions alongside the sale to offer customers something to do while they wait for their chance to get R5 tickets. Customers who find themselves in the digital waiting room can enter:

- The Free2Fly promotion, where they can win a magical card that allows them to fly on any FlySafair flight for free, for 12 whole months.

- The Jive for R5 promotion, where they can submit the best video of them jiving for their R5 tickets. Five winners will then be selected, who will each receive one of five FlySafair return tickets.

- The R5 Madness competition, every year, the airline receives pictures on social media of people with multiple devices lined up waiting to gain access to its sale. Customers can share a picture of them and their colleagues with all their devices for a chance to win an awesome online shopping voucher.