Fashion pioneer and creative Laduma Ngxokolo’s partnership with Bombay Sapphire, under the #StirCreativity banner, kicks into high gear as he finalizes arrangements on the showcase he’s been preparing since the collaboration was announced. 

The Port Elizabeth-born entrepreneur has partnered with Bombay Sapphire on the premium gin brand’s #StirCreativity campaign. Laduma’s bold and uncompromising aesthetic speaks directly to Bombay Sapphire’s positioning as a refreshing catalyst to promote self-expression and unlock people’s creative awaken the artist in all of us – combining art with the art of mixology. 

Laduma enthusiastically talked about his collaboration with Bombay Sapphire as partnership in creative process. Both the renowned designer as well as the premium gin brand believe that creative expression requires a blank canvas and the right inspiration to stir the imagination and create an exquisite product; whether the result is a beautifully designed garment or a delicious cocktail.  

“It’s been incredibly inspiring collaborating with a brand that’s so unapologetic about celebrating creativity and providing such a powerful platform for self-expression” comments Laduma, “When I launched Maxhosa, I knew that it would speak to an audience that prized creativity and authenticity above all else. An audience that enjoys local aesthetic with some worldly avant-garde. The partnership with Bombay Sapphire, and the #StirCreativity campaign that we’ll be embarking on collaboratively, is an incredible affirmation of my creative ethos, and I have a profound appreciation of their commitment to my perspective on creativity. “ 

Laduma gave further insight on his process, explaining that his material comes as a high quality, cream colored cloth that he uses as the canvas to design and expresses his vision and creativity, the end result being the distinctively recognisable Maxhosa signature print. The collaboration with Bombay Sapphire allows for Laduma to work with a brand that shares this process and vision. The versatile spirit that stretches into all manner of experimentation and expression and inspires consumers with unique tastes to enjoy it in their own uninhibited way. 

The first expression of the collaboration is the creation of a dress by the award-winning fashion designer, inspired by Bombay Sapphire’s signature sapphire design. This dress will be revealed at the ‘Maxhosa by Laduma’ showcase organised by Bombay Sapphire under the creative direction of the Maxhosa team. Guests will be encouraged to create their own self expressive cocktails during the course of an evening that is sure to inspire the artist in all of us. 

“We regard our association with Laduma as a meeting of the minds, that allows for his innate creativity to engage with the principles enshrined in the Bombay Sapphire brand” comments Francois Portier, Area Director for Bacardi brands in Africa, including Bombay Sapphire, “To us, providing a canvas for creative self-expression is at the heart of what a versatile gin like Bombay Sapphire is about – and working with Laduma, allows us to play our part in enabling his beautiful creative initiatives. We look forward to showcasing the various activities we’ll be working on together; each one has its own unique identity that exemplifies creative self-expression.”