People may not know when was the last time you had sex but Facebook might know... 

Beware of the Apps that you have connected to your Facebook account because they might be the culprit. 

According to The Washington Post, two menstruation-tracking apps, Maya and MIA Fem, were sharing intimate details of users' sexual health with Facebook and other entities, according to a new report from Britain-based privacy watchdog Privacy International. 

The details which are self-recorded by users in the app are included, like when the user last had sex, the type of contraception used, their moods and whether they were ovulating.

Washington post reports that the information was shared with the social media giant via the Facebook Software Development Kit, a product that allows developers to create apps for specific operating systems, track analytics and monetize their apps through Facebook's advertising network. 

Facebook said that while it has systems in place to automatically detect and delete information like Social Security numbers and passwords from the information shared by apps, the company is “looking at ways to improve our system/products to detect and filter out more types of potentially sensitive data.”