Many of you played hide and seek growing up.

This game sharpened the skill of hiding from the person looking for you.

The Easter holidays have taken a page out of the hide and seek game, and have introduced what is popularly known as the Easter Egg Hunt.

Much like hide and seek, the idea of an Easter Egg Hunt is to hide the Easter eggs from children and family members.

As fun as this may sound, there’s a similar trend couples can take part in this Easter called the Easter Sex Hunt.

Yes, the Easter Sex Hunt allows you to hide all sorts of naughty things from your partner.

From sexy underwear to condoms and erotic sex toys.

The point is to find all the toys that lead to treasure punani or 4-5 island.

According to sexologists, there are very kinky ways of playing hide and seek or in this case, the Easter Sex Hunt.

The Easter Sex Hunt can involve a dark room where the woman hides and the man counts and seeks the woman while encountering some kinky sex items along the way.

The roles can be reversed and when the treasure is found, let the sexual hunting begin.