Admittedly, there are certain chapters in our lives we never look forward to. 

Mainly; death, disappointment and of course, aging. 

Growing older is something most of us dread. 

From the sudden forgetfulness to the unfortunate changes to your physical appearance.

Aging, if not embraced, can literally be a staring down the barrel exercise. 

Women, sadly have a lot to contend with. From their weight to their very delectable physical structure. 

Aging like fine wine becomes a serious task.  

Take their punani for example. 

Yes, like money it makes the world go round but sadly as it ages it goes through its own metamorphosis.  

According to medical magazine, the writing on the wall starts in your puberty.

"The first dramatic changes happened when you hit puberty. Now that sex hormones are coursing through your system, your labia becomes enlarged, pubic hair develops, and your vagina begins producing daily discharge."

According to Dr Ross, the punani changes again in your 30s:

"Your private parts change again after you have your first child, which for many women happens in their 30s. With each vaginal birth, the pelvic floor muscles stretch, distend, and tear in the vagina to allow the baby’s head to come through. This tight space will never be quite the same over time. Subsequently, many women notice their vagina feels a little airier or roomier, and it may be slightly looser during sex, though this varies greatly from woman to woman."

As a women reaches her 40s and 50s, her punani goes through more changes.

After childbirth, the next milestone moment is perimenopause, the 5-10 year period before menopause. During perimenopause, her body starts producing less estrogen. “This is most common in the 40s, but for some women can be later," says Austin, Texas–based ob-gyn John Thoppil, MD. "Estrogen keeps vaginal collagen plump and moist and helps provide good blood flow to the area,” says Dr Thoppil.

Now in order to keep the punani fresher for longer, doctors recommend these following tips: 

  • Stop smoking
  • Keep wet by drinking lots of water
  • Have regular sex
  • Find the best lubrication for yourself