There are a number of misconceptions and myths about punanis.

A lot of women are under the impression that having a tight punani means their partners will be happy in bed, but how true is this?

Sometimes having a tight punani really doesn’t scream “good sex”. When a woman is sexually excited, a wet punani is a good signal that she is ready for penetration.

Having a punani that's too tight during penetration makes the sexual experience unpleasant.

 The vagina can stretch in order to accommodate whatever is entering or coming out of it (giving birth to a baby).

Whenever it stretches, it also contracts back to its original size therefore there is really no such thing as a loose vagina.

Vaginal muscles may change overtime because of age or having children, however it doesn’t necessarily become loose.

A number of women have resorted to using home remedies to tighten their vaginas but these can cause cancer and other complications.

Men can be the cause of this eagerness to tighten the punani as they always allude that a tighter one means greater sexual pleasure.

It is important for women to know and understand their bodies before doing anything that could be harmful to their vaginas.

We have to understand that there is more to sexual pleasure other than just the friction that takes place.