IN 1994, Senegalese singer Youssou N’Dour released 7 seconds, one of the biggest hits to come out of Africa.

On the record, he talks about the importance of time and how everything is seven seconds away.

One other significance around seven seconds is how often men think sex.

According CBS News, it’s been estimated that men think about sex every seven seconds or 8 000 times in 16 waking hours.

To prove this theory, researchers enlisted 163 female and 120 male college students.

All were given hand-held tally counters, and 59 students were asked to track thoughts and cravings about food, 61 tracked sleep thoughts, and 163 tracked sexual thoughts of any kind.

The BBC publication further explains the concept of seven seconds.

If we believe the stats, thinking about sex every seven seconds adds up to 514 times an hour.

Or approximately 7 200 times during each waking day.

Is that a lot?